MT-Corrector 5

Magnetotelluric data editor
MT-Corrector is a powerful feature-packed MT-data editor. It is designed for postprocessing of frequency-based inversions such as impedance tensor components and other transfer functions.
MT-Corrector is perfectly suited or geophysicists directly engaged in the process of processing and interpretation of large amounts of MT data. It can also be a service for operators and supervisors who need to quickly visualize and evaluate quality of MT processing results.

The application runs on Windows XP and later versions. MT-Corrector (fully functional version) is distributed with USB-dongle.
Main advantages
  • Allows edit of impedance tensor, Wiese-Parkinson matrix, horizontal magnetic and telluric tensors components
  • Modern interface
  • Portable version
Special features
  • Identification of noise-distorted sections of curves on the basis of dispersion relations
  • Automatic or manual filtering of your data
  • Combining data contained in different files into a single curve
  • Multiplication of the amplitude curves at a predetermined ratio, invert and shift the phase curves by a multiple of 90
  • Static shift correction based on TDEM data
File formats
  • SEG-EDI files (*.edi, *.plt)
  • Phoenix files (*.mt?)
  • Narsky files (*.res, *.dan, *.rot, *.dat, *.smo, *.nor)
  • Comma-separated values (*.csv)
  • Horizontal magnetic tensor files (*.hmtf)
  • Horizontal electric tensor files (*httf)
  • Tipper files (*.tip)
  • MT-Corrector projects (*.mtcproj)
MT-Corrector copyright belongs to Nord-West Ltd.
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