MT-Corrector 5

Magnetotelluric data editor
MT-Corrector is a powerful feature-packed magnetotelluric (MT) data editor. It is designed for postprocessing of MT transfer functions, such as the impedance tensor and tipper.
The results of MT data processing are usually represented as one or several independent estimations of a given transfer function (impedance tensor, telluric tensor, tipper, etc.) at each frequency. In general case the obtained functions could contain outlying or biased estimations and are not smooth. This fact may be a significant impediment for the subsequent data analysis and interpretation. MT-Corrector software allows to inspect and edit the processed impedance tensor or other transfer functions. Among the other features, it supports application of the smoothing spline curves.

MT-Corrector allows to:

  • inspect the sets of data estimations (MT curves) obtained in the course of automatic processing for the components of impedance tensor and other transfer functions;
  • merge the data from different files into one curve (an inherent part of the workflow for the data acquired by some popular types of MT equipment, e.g., those manufactured by Phoenix Geophysics Ltd., Canada);
  • delete separate data estimations and their groups based on various criteria (a priori information about the noise source, smoothness constraint, dispersion relations, etc.);
  • add the fixed points based on of various criteria (data from adjacent MT sites, a priori information about the noise source, etc.);
  • use the smoothing spline approximations of the MT curves, which allow to reach the reasonable balance between two contradictive requirements for the resulting curve: (a) to take on the values close enough to the average initial estimate at each given frequency; (b) to stay smooth;
  • compare the spline curves of phase estimations with the theoretically equivalent curves constructed from the corresponding amplitude values using the dispersion relations;
  • analyze the impedance tensor components in terms of: (a) imaginary and real parts; (b) phases and amplitudes; © phases and apparent resistivities;
  • apply the static shift correction to the amplitude curves based on TDEM data;
  • multiply the amplitude curves by an arbitrary coefficient; invert the phase values or add/subtract phase shifts multiple of 180°.
    MT-Corrector is a constantly developed and updated software product. Specialists of Nord-West Ltd. company, — the major provider of MT services in Russia and worldwide, — make use of this software on a daily basis. This fact implies continuous income of comments, bug reports and other feedback from a number of qualified users. Most of the received suggestions are implemented within several days; the technical problems are also considered and fixed in a timely manner.
    MT-Corrector is perfectly suited for geophysicists directly engaged in the process of processing and interpretation of large amounts of MT data. It can also be useful for field operators and supervisors who need to quickly visualize and evaluate quality of MT processing results.

    The application runs on Windows XP and later versions. MT-Corrector (fully functional version) is distributed with USB-dongle.
    Main advantages
    • Allows editing of impedance tensor, Wiese-Parkinson matrix, horizontal magnetic and telluric tensors components
    • Modern interface
    • Portable version
    Special features
    • Identification of noise-distorted sections of curves on the basis of dispersion relations
    • Automatic or manual filtering of your data
    • Combining data contained in different files into a single curve
    • Multiplication of the amplitude curves at a predetermined ratio, invert and shift the phase curves by a multiple of 180°
    • Static shift correction based on TDEM data
    File formats
    • SEG-EDI files (*.edi, *.plt)
    • Phoenix files (*.mt?)
    • Narsky files (*.res, *.dan, *.rot, *.dat, *.smo, *.nor)
    • Comma-separated values (*.csv)
    • Horizontal magnetic tensor files (*.hmtf)
    • Horizontal electric tensor files (*httf)
    • Tipper files (*.tip)
    • MT-Corrector projects (*.mtcproj)

    What's new?

    Recent changes in MT-Corrector
    January 2019
    January 2019
    Multiplication and rotation mode update

    Now not only the marked points are multiplied, but all the data of all the displayed response functions (impedance amplitude/ resistivity). User selected shift applies to all of the selected entries in the sites list. To select multiple entries, use the shift or ctrl keys along with mouse. In the same way, the data for the curve rotation mode is selected.
    May 2019
    May 2019
    Spanish version
    Additional language was introduced to the user interface. Apart of English, Russian and Chinese, the Spanish version is now available. The language could be specified in the lower section of the welcome screen.
    September 2020
    September 2020
    Corrected variances
    Corrected algorithm for calculating confidence intervals for EDI-files obtained in the EM-Power program
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